Incontinence Care Tips for Caregivers


Incontinence is one of the most difficult and potentially humiliating concerns elders can confront. Providing at-home care for an older loved one who suffers from urinary incontinence is a time-consuming effort. If you’re the primary caregiver caring for a loved one who has incontinence, you can take action to reduce stress for both of you. These coping strategies may come in handy.

  • Consult with Your Loved One’s Medical Provider
    Get a physical evaluation to discover if the problem is treatable. Even if your loved one has no symptoms other than incontinence, an underlying medical condition could be causing the problem.
  • Give Encouragements
    Encourage the person in your care to seek assistance, get them involved, and keep them informed of what you’re doing. It’s critical to gain their favor and make them feel like they’re participating in their care.
  • Choose Easy to Change Clothes
    Pick clothes that are simple to change and wash. Pants with elastic waistbands are one example. Purchase adaptive clothing and avoid garments with many fastenings.
  • Watch your Loved One’s Diet
    Some meals aggravate both bladder and bowel incontinence. Caffeine (coffee, tea, and some sodas), chocolate, spicy foods, and a lot of fresh or dried fruit should be avoided.
  • Be Empathetic
    To alleviate your loved one’s anxiety, approach the problem with patience and subtlety. It may also help you lessen your stress level.

Depending on the severity and kind of incontinence, your loved ones may benefit from having home personal care which can assist with various tasks.

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