Top Reasons for Caregiver Turnover

Top Reasons for Caregiver Turnover

Running a home care agency is a tough job. You have to think about the many factors that might affect your business, such as quality assurance, customer service, and employee satisfaction.

As a certified provider of Home Care Staffing in New York, we at understand that most home care agencies care for the wellbeing of all their employees. Thus, to help clients improve employee satisfaction, we’ve gathered this list of top reasons for caregiver turnover, so they know what to avoid in their agencies.

  • Lack of proper communication. Caregivers don’t appreciate it when they can’t get a hold of the office when they need something important. Keep your lines open and keep your staff in the loop. They’re the ones working with your clients and therefore should also be a top priority.
  • Insufficient pay. The home care industry is notorious for low-wages, and when caregivers find out just how much these agencies charge for their services, it’s difficult not to be discouraged. Studies show that home care agencies that have more competitive wages have an easier time attracting and keeping caregivers.
  • No consistent schedule. Keep in mind that Caregivers in Brewster, New York are real people with real lives. Not being able to predict how their hours will look like or how many days they will have to work for that week makes it difficult for them to balance everything out.
  • Lack of PPE or unsafe working conditions. As a home care agency, you must keep your staff’s health and safety at top priority. Sick employees are no good for your business or your reputation.

If you’re looking for reliable and skilled professionals to complete your home care team, we offer high-quality Caregiver Staffing in New York. Contact us for details!

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