Are You Taking Care of Yourself as Well?


Caregiver burnout can happen to anybody, especially if you are caring for a loved one. As a provider of home care staffing, we always remind our clients and caregivers to take care of themselves first. After all, you can only care for someone well if you are functioning at your best.

Here are some reasons for caregiver burnout to look out for:

  • Emotional demands due to the care receiver’s condition
    As caregivers usually care for patients with chronic conditions, finding a way to receive support for themselves can be challenging. They may need physical and emotional care, which can be very demanding on one person.
  • Conflicts in other areas of life
    As people, we have other roles beyond just caregiving. When these areas such as family, spouses, children, employers, and co-workers have conflicts and needs, it can be stressful to manage.
  • Unsure roles and responsibilities
    Especially when you are caring for a loved one, your roles and responsibilities may be quite ambiguous. It becomes too instinctive to try and handle every problem and responsibility instead of delegating these tasks to others.
  • Lack of time for oneself
    It can be stressful if you don’t give yourself breaks and are constantly around people whether it’s the person you are caring for, co-workers, or family members.

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