Daily Habits to Prevent Caregiver Burnout


Taking care of the elderly, chronically ill, or disabled is not an easy task. As much as it is rewarding and may give you purpose, it can also be physically demanding and emotionally draining. This is why it is common for caregivers to experience burnout. Caregivers in Brewster, New York experiencing burnout may feel overwhelmingly fatigued, depressed, lose weight, have sleeping problems, and other symptoms.

As a provider of Home Care Staffing, we often remind our caregivers to take care of themselves as well to prevent burnout. Here are some tips:

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier and have that extra time to spend for yourself. You can journal, sit with your tea or coffee, meditate, stretch, or do anything you want to do.
  • Make a list of your daily tasks and see if you can delegate any of them to a friend or relative instead of doing all of it by yourself.
  • Take care of yourself by making sure you exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep.
  • Don’t skip your own doctor’s appointments because you’re busy.
  • Give yourself breaks to get out of the house, visit friends, take a long bath, etc.

If you are experiencing caregiver burnout to take care of your senior loved one, you should not be ashamed to get help. Seek the help of professionals who can help you ensure the care of your loved one.

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