What to Ask Your Future Caring Professional?


Hiring someone to join your team or care for your loved one is a critical task. You cannot just let anyone be part of it. Be it business or personal, we are talking about someone close to your heart.

Getting to know the candidates is one step to ensure you are also getting the right person for the job. We understand how thorough you want the application to be. Here are some interview questions you can ask your future care provider.

  • Why did you become a professional caregiver (or applicable role)?
    Knowing one’s motivations can help establish their character. Their aspirations provide a snippet of who they are. Learning about their motivations can help you manage them better.
  • Do you have a specialization?
    A caregiving job requires a variety of skills. Asking them if they have areas of specialization can be helpful in the future. If you are hiring for a team, these differences in expertise can achieve team dynamics. If you are hiring for your loved one, a specialization that matches your loved one’s unique needs can improve the overall experience.
  • How do you communicate with family members and teammates?
    Communication is another important aspect of the role. By ensuring your communication works, you can achieve smooth care coordination.

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